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About Us

History & Background

Hayg Auto Service was founded by Grigor "Koko" Mesrobian in 1993.  As a child Koko spent his days tinkering and fixing mechanical and broken devices around the house and the neighborhood.  This is where he learned the gratitude and the value of people helping people.  He also grew up watching and learning from his cousins who were instructors and educators in mechanics and in the automotive industry.

After High School Koko took the position of caring for School Buses.  At one time, he took the whole bus apart and put it all back to eliminate and isolate all problems and related defects.  This is where he learned that and built a foundation that the proper caring extends the life and performance of mechanical devices and any car or vehicle.  He cared for those buses on very small and challenging budgets this is also taught him "Economical Values" and that value does not mean throwing more money at the problem.  Most importantly he learned that "Safety" is the Number One priority because human beings and lives are at stakes.

Koko continued to learn more about computer based diagnostic tools to enhance his deep knowledge of automobile engines.  Although Koko was learning the most advanced techniques in auto repair, he never forgot the lessons he learned from his cousins years ago and the warm feeling he got from his neighbors when people help people.

Koko was determined to honor those principles by opening a business that would truly offer value to the community.  He promised himself to always provide value and outstanding service, regardless of how large his business grew. 

Today at Hayg Auto Service, Koko and his staff live by those principles every day " Safety", "Preventive Maintenance", and "Value".  Every day he gets reminded of the warm feeling he gets every time he delivers a restored vehicle to someone who couldn't afford a new one.  They thrive on "Earning the customers' Trust every Job at a Time"

Koko opened Hayg Auto Service in 1993. Since then he has been providing excellent service and offering outstanding value to  friends and neighbors throughout Cambridge, Watertown, Belmont, and the entire Metro Boston Region.

Bring you car in today for a free inspection and see what Hayg's No Hassle Guarantee is all about!

Questions? Call Koko at (617) 354-0871

Hay Auto Service is independently owned and operated!